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A special invitation for you...

Growing up into a beautiful woman sometimes could feel overwhelming, your body is changing, strong emotions and mood changes come and go without understanding them, you want to be more independent and at the same time might feel scary to own that responsibility.

I wish I knew at your age the tools that I have now to struggle less and enjoy life more, to empower myself in challeging moments, to be myself, to cultivate friendships and connections that uplift me and know that doing the same for others bring more of that joy.

The 'Whole-Hearted Teen' is a monthly two-hour session created for you and other girls your age to simply be, to connect with yourself and with each other.

In these sessions you will learn simple tools and practices that will support you to:

  • Modulate your emotions while feeling and honouring them

  • ​Trust in your incredible capacity to bounce back from any challenge

  • ​Be self-aware and skilled at listening to your body and needs

  • Be open and curious so every life experience is a gift

  • Experience the power of connectedness and sisterhood 

  • Speak your truth with confidence and courage

In every session you will be introduced to simple yoga practices, tapping, breathing and visualisation, aromatherapy, mindfulness and meditation. There will also be opportunities for you to be seen, heard and held by each other while working on different themes.

From time to time we will have special guests to present different ways to express ourselves and live more consciously through music, art therapy, hoola-hooping, mandalas, dream catchers to mention some.

The main intention is to give you tools and practices to live every day with the courage to be yourself, compassion to be kind to yourself and others and  cultivate authentic connections and deep friendships.

I can't wait to share this journey with you.

Lots of love xx