Whole-Hearted Girls & Teens

Resources & Practices to make your experience richer and fuller

Session 1: Own your Vibe


Own your Vibe Intro

In this video I will introduce you to the intentions of Session 1 and why is so important to Own your Vibe and how you can make it your way if living.



Activations are fun and flowing movements. They bring us to the moment, they help us connect with our body. They literally wake up our muscles, joints, tissues and organs so we feel more energised in body, mind and heart. In this video, I will share with you some of my favourite Activations to start your day. 



Just as muscles need to be worked to grow strong, practicing meditation strengthen our mind's ability to focus and stay present. It is also a great opportunity to observe your thoughts and feelings. In this video, I will share with you how to do your Soul Sync Meditation and all the steps that make this wonderful practice.



Essential oils are powerful gifts from mother nature. Using them on daily basis help you manage and choose your emotions, calm down when you need it and uplift your energy. In this video, we will explore the ways you can use them and enjoy them.



In a world where there is so much noise, to give time and space to your own voice is one of the most beautifully empowering experiences you can give yourself. Self-reflection gives us the ability to clear the clouds from our mind and see things from a different perspective. In this video we will explore the benefits of journaling and how to make the most of this beautiful practice.


Energy Balance

In this video, we will go deeper into how to fill out your Energy Balance / Feeling Good Worksheet at the end of you Session 1 Workbook. It will give you ideas on how to feel both columns so you know where to invest your energy and time.

Session 2: I Am, We Are


I Am, We Are Intro

This video is an introduction to our second session of the Whole-Hearted Teen and Girl. I Am, We Are expresses how there is a connection with everything and everyone around us.


I Am, We Are Breath

In this video, we will explore the I Am, We Are Breath. I love this practice when I am feeling angry, sad, frustrated with someone. It takes me out of myself and reminds me of the connection with everything around me.


The Judgment Mirror

Sometimes we don't even realise how judgmental we are. Knowing is the first step to change and grow. Taking a close look at the way judgment and separation makes you feel will be the most powerful reason to choose differently. Follow the three Cs: Catch, Challenge, Choose


Family Eye Gazing

They say our eyes are the window to our souls. Looking into someone's eyes is a powerful way to connect deeply with them and bring your full attention into the moment and to that person. The Family Eye Gazing exercise is to create this deep connection with your family and see them as they truly are.


Daily Act of Kindness

Doing a daily act of kindness strengthens your immune system, stimulates your brain and heart. Do something kind for someone you love, for a stranger, for someone who did something nice for you; even for someone who has been unkind (this one is a powerful one). It doesn't have to be something big. The secret to this practice is to keep for yourself that you have done it.