The 'Whole-Hearted Girls & Teens' is a monthly two-hour program created for pre-teens (grade 5-6) and teens (grade 7-9) to simply be, to connect with themselves and with each other.  

They will learn simple tools and practices that will support them to:  

  • Modulate their emotions while feeling and honouring them  

  • Trust in their incredible capacity to bounce back from any challenges and stressors  

  • Be self-aware and skilled at listening to their bodies and needs  

  • Be open and curious so every life experience becomes a gift  

  • Experience the power of connectedness and sisterhood  

  • Speak their truth with confidence and courage

In every session, they will be introduced to simple yoga practices, EFT (emotional freedom technique), breathing and visualisation, aromatherapy, mindfulness and meditation. There will also be opportunities for them to be seen, heard and held by each other while working on different themes. They will have moments to listen, learn and know the other girls in the group very deeply. Everyone is free to share at their own pace.  

We will have special guests to present different ways to express ourselves and live more consciously (music, art therapy, hoola-hooping, mandalas, dream catchers to mention some). 

The main intention is to give our girls tools and strategies to enjoy this beautiful time in their life and plant the seeds to create a life they own, love and are excited about!

Hear from the girls...

Whole-Hearted Girls (Year 5-6)

You are entering a time of magical blossoming! As you start growing up into a teenager, you will start to notice your body changing, strong emotions and mood changes coming and going. The program will support you ending primary school with a smile and get you ready for your high school adventure.

Whole-Hearted Teens (Year 7-9)

The first years of high-school are crucial for your physical, mental and emotional development. Mixed feelings arise as you get more independence and at the samtime it feels scary to own that responsibility. Through the program you learn that you are not alone in the process and connecting with other whole-hearted girls will be a wonderful support through your teenage journey.

Hear from the mums...

Magic moments