Whole-Hearted Girls & Teens

A monthly space for pre-teens & teen girls to relax, create authentic friendships and learn how to look after your body, your mind and your heart in the healthiest way possible.

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"I don't want other people to decide who I am.
I want to decide that for myself"

Emma Watson

Hello lovely!

Yes... growing up is as exciting as it is overwhelming.

Your body changes every day in front of your eyes. It is hard to know what to do with the rollercoaster of emotions that come out of nowhere. Being more independent sounds great but, at the same time, it is scary to own that responsibility. You want to be authentic but, suddenly it feels like you have to fit into the expectations of the world.

I wish I knew in my teens some of the tools I use now to stress less and enjoy life more, to care less about what others think of me and focus more on loving who I am and who I want to become. I wish I had some tools to lift myself up in those challenging moments when the world just felt too big for me.

Your teen years are not supposed to be a Netflix drama (even if sometimes feel like it). They are meant to be fun and creative years, a time to create deep friendships and great memories. They are also a wonderful time to plant the seeds that will start crafting a life you love and are excited about.

The Whole-Hearted Teens bring together a lifetime of lessons and tools that will keep reminding you how to love yourself, your life and those around you.

At the Whole-Hearted Girls & Teens, you will get easy and practical tools to stress less and enjoy life more:

Emotional Awareness

Feel all your emotions without reacting and learn more about yourself through your feelings

Stress Management

Reduce any stress and anxiety, using your energy only in what is in your hands


Live true self-care by paying attention & responding to your body and needs


Experience real sisterhood, creating deep and authentic friendships


Feel safe & valued for who you are. No expectations & judgements


Welcome challenges with a smile, knowing you will bounce back stronger


Move & listen to your body


Relax & calm your mind


Understand & love who you are


Create real & authentic friendships

"I am someone who gets very anxious and overwhelmed easily. The Whole-Hearted Teen program has taught me so many amazing tools, yoga poses, how to meditate and how to be more alive and centered within myself.

I have learnt so much from Mariana, from the guests she introduced to us but, most of all, I have learnt something from all the amazing girls that are part of the program.

I think every young teen girl would get a lot out of it"
Charlotte (14)

The sessions

Every month we get together for two hours to dive deeply into your inner world. These sessions are lovingly created for you and other girls your age that are going through a similar experience. My intention is to help you understand what's going on inside you, to know and love yourself in ways you didn’t.

In our sessions we break the ice talking about what's been going on in our lives, we find out what the theme of the month is and do fun activities and exercises that are related to it. We do some yoga and mindfulness to move our bodies and learn to relax.

We have moments of self-reflection that help us learn more about ourselves and about each other sharing our insights. We have great conversations, where we share and listen openly because we know there won't be judgments.

From time to time we have guest speakers that share their inspiring stories and show us different ways to express ourselves and fulfill our potential.

Some of the themes we will touch during the year are Managing Emotions, Learning from Challenge, Self-Worth, Self-Care, Mindset, Personality Types, Healthy Habits, Social Media, Understanding your cycle and much more! 

The groups

Girls (Year 5-6)

This is the perfect time to start this journey.

You are entering a time when things begin to shift. You start noticing little changes in your body and intense emotions make their appearance. Feeling accepted is suddenly important and what used to be fun, now feels a little embarrassing.

As a Whole-Hearted Girl you will know you are not alone in this process. The program will help you go through your last years in primary school with a positive attitude, confidence and a constant smile. It will also get you ready for your high-school adventure.

Teens (Year 7-10)

The high-school years are crucial for your physical, mental, social and emotional development.
It is a time of self-discovery, where there are lots of questions about who you are and about the world around you. Everything feels intense.

The social media world opens up and it is as exciting as it is overwhelming. That strong fear of being judged and missing out starts to intensify.

As a Whole-Hearted Teen, you will get simple tools to reduce the stress and anxiety of growing up. Sharing the experience with other girls that are going through the same thing is reassuring, it gives you perspective and it is a space where you feel safe, seen and accepted for who you are.


laughter is abundant
honesty is encouraged
vulnerability is welcomed
support is real and active
you inspire each other to grow
there is help in times of struggle
you feel stronger together 

- Yung Pueblo

Hear from the mums...

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