Welcome to The Whole-Hearted Teen Program 2020

I am so excited to share this journey with your beautiful daughter and you!

Here is all the information and next steps about the program and what to expect.

​If there is any question or personal concern at any time, please get in touch, honest and open communication between us is really important to make sure your daughter has a wonderful, enriching experience... 

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Have you sent the registration form? Is best if your daughter fills out the form herself, it empowers her and give her a sense of ownership of the process. Of course, let her know if they need your support, you are there to assist.

Please make sure you send the form on or before 10th February 2020.

Once the form is complete, please  email  it to me 

Can't find the form? Don't worry, here it is for you...

Calendar 2020

All sessions for this Group (Grade 7-9) will be on the  3rd Tuesday of every month from 5:00 -7:00 pm   at Union Co Studio, 72a Lincoln Rd, Essendon. 

Some sessions dates might be adjusted due to participants' school camps dates. You will be informed if the calendar has changed once all the forms have been received. Thank you for your support.

Download and print your Calendar or book the sessions in your Google calendar or iCal today.

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Health & Intentions Form

Your daughter's safety is my priority. In order to support her the best way is important to know if any health, emotional or family issues are present.

Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible. All information will be handled with care and will be kept strictly confidential.​

We are a team...

UnionCo is a co-working space for healthcare practitioners and has given me the gift to collaborate with other amazing professionals in the wellbeing industry.

If at any point in the program there is a need for your daughter or you as her parents to get further support, I have teamed up with Penny Szakal, a beautiful Mind/Body Practitioner and the wonderful team of Launch Psychology.

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More questions?

Definitely!!! Always honour what your daughter feels, with my own girls it helps me explore why they don't want to do something and simply listen, without trying to convince them. You can always suggest that she can try the first session and if she doesn't like it she doesn't need to continue, give her the choice and trust her decision. Sometimes is simply fear of the unknown. Trying a session will, for sure, help to ease that feeling.

If for any reason, your daugther can't  or doesn't want to continue the program, please let me know. This is a journey to be enjoyed and not something that brings stress to your life or hers. 

The idea of the Whole-Hearted Girl and Teen is that you create a monthly commitment with yourself to recharge your energy, to create deep connections with the other girls in the group, to  make self-care and self-reflection a priority in your life.

If you have to miss a session due to family holidays, illness or school commitments please let me know in advance and arrange a time with me to go through the information of the session you missed.

Not at the moment. The program's format &  content is more valuable for pre-teen and teenagers.

I am offering yoga & mindfulness sessions during school holidays for younger children so check the events page for dates & times.

I would love to run sessions for our wonderful boys but, research shows that at this age they respond best to a facilitator/mentor their own gender. I am looking to partner up with a male instructor that could provide this same experience for our boys. Stay tuned!

  A little note for you...

Even if the sessions are a private space for your girls, it is definitely a journey that you will walk by her side and might even give you insights into yourself. I encourage to be curious about what she is learning, allow for some time for her to share with you and reflect on her insights after and between sessions, even embrace some of the practices together, It will be a great opportunity to bond and grow!

I am always here for both of you...

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