Un-being @ Hola Yoga

Peel back layers, discover who you really are, recognise your true potential

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We spend a lifetime working hard on becoming someone, on being a person of good, striving to be successful. We adopt so many labels, roles and responsibilities and really for what? Are we really that person that we think we are?

Join Ayami and Mariana to take you on a journey to focus solely on yourself and discover the true you, recognising some of your mind conditionings and open to the potential of who you can become through enquiry, meditation and Dru Yoga practice.

Also you can choose to deepen your experience with a one day juice cleanse to reset body, mind and spirit.

This 2.5 hours workshop will include:

  • Dru Yoga practice

  • Yoga philosophy to understand our mind conditionings

  • Enquiry and visualisation

  • Heart space Meditation

  • Henna tattoo

Go deeply into your heart to remove the limitations and embrace a new future that you create in your own terms.

Date: Saturday 24th April
Time: 2pm-4.30pm
$55 Workshop only
$65 Workshop and Henna Tattoo
$111 Workshop with Henna Tattoo and Juice Cleanse

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