Class 4: March 22 (recording)

This class was recorded live for Align Virtual Studio members. Your heart is a beautiful place to be, here there is no judgment, fear or separation. Your heart rejoices with simplicity and it is really, the little things in life, that make your heart the home of your soul. One of the simplest ways to access the power of your heart is by giving a heartfelt smile to another human being, it can make a friend from a total stranger, it can make a loved one feel seen, it transforms any negativity into hope. In today's class, we added the power of Energy Block Release 2 with the intention to release any stress accumulated (consciously or not) in our physical, energetic, emotional and thinking bodies. After this powerful detox, our hearts are able to open up with Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose). Tonight I invite you to move through your practice with a gentle smile, even if it feels forceful at the start. Notice how, as your practice unfolds, your smile becomes more natural and real. It is really magical. Join Align Virtual studio to make a daily inner practice the shortest way back to your soul. Let's Connect: Instagram: @7min4u

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