Class 4: April 26 (recording)

This month of April, we have been diving in the beauty of our Inner World through the model of the 5 Koshas or layers of existence.

First we connected with our Physical Body noticing the effect of our practice in our bones, muscles, joints and how, little adjustments can make a big difference. Then we took time to acknowledge (or even discover) our Energy Body through our connection with the breath and the physical sensations we experience.

Last week we went to the beautiful world of our Emotional Body, creating a new relationship with our emotions and the loving messages they have for us.

Tonight we are going one layer deeper, to your Intellect Body or Vijnanamaya Kosha. Our thoughts create our reality so it is important to nourish our minds with positive, constructive thoughts about ourselves, others and the world around us. Asking great questions and questioning our thoughts are wonderful ways to develop a calm & clear mind.

So our practice today will support us in this process of inquiry, to be able to observe our thoughts with curiosity and awareness, to open the doors to the inner wisdom that is waiting for us on the other side of our thoughts.

For our practice tonight, please have your mat, pen and a journal or notebook, a nourishing drink and anything you need to make your practice comfortable.


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