Class 3: March 15 (recording)

This class was recorded live for Align Virtual Studio members.\ In today's practice we prepare the body very thoroughly with specific Activations for the Radiant Heart Sequence, which includes strong lateral extensions as well as for the Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana).

By stretching specific muscles before attempting a chosen Asana (yoga pose), helps to gently prepare the body and give better posture alignment as well enabling you to stretch deeper within the pose. It makes your practice safe and get all the benefits from each posture in all layers of your being.

The Radiant Heart Sequence is a powerful activator of the heart centre, which in itself transforms the experiences of fear, separation, anger, judgment into the higher qualities of our human heart.. love, respect, peace, compassion, kindness.

At the end of your practice you will feel so much more connected with yourself, with life and with all the beauty around you.

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