Class 3: April 19 (recording)

In our last two classes we have been diving in the beauty of our Inner World through our 5 Koshas or layers of existence.

First we connected with our Physical Body noticing the effect of our practice in our bones, muscles, joints to mention some.

Then we took time to acknowledge (or even discover) our Energy Body through our connection with the breath and the healing sensations that make our experience in this world richer and even poetic.

Tonight we are going one layer deeper, to your Emotional Body or Manomaya Kosha.

Life is experience through emotions, so this layer is what makes us beautifully human, where we learn and feel the spectrum of emotions that arise moment by moment as powerful messages from our soul.

Constant check-ins with how we feel, taking time for introspection, self-enquiry and journaling are great ways to nurture this layer and create emotional awareness.

Tonight, we are going to create a new, loving relationship with our Emotions.

Knowing how to feel them and honour them all is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself and one simple change that will impact your overall health and the quality of your life in profound ways.

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