Class 1: April 5 (recording)

New month, New Community Intention!

This April, our Community Intention is going to be really special. We will embark on a journey to the most fascinating place you could ever go; where you will find everything you’ve ever wanted and more. You can go there anytime, anywhere and it’s completely free! It's time to come back home to our Inner World...

For centuries, yogis have used a beautiful model to easily peel who we really are and take the journey to the deepest part of our being, called the 5 Koshas.

Kosha is a Sanskrit word that means layer, sheath or body. The kosha model suggests that we experience the world through the delicate intersection of these five different layers or bodies…

Using The Promise by Mark Whitwell as a way to create this intimate relationship with ourselves, we will explore this sequence of movements through each of the 5 Koshas. Today's practice is to connect with our first layer or kosha, the physical body... 

Please have your mat, a nourishing drink and anything you need to make your practice comfortable. You could also light a candle to intensify your intention.

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