Welcome to The Whole-Hearted Girls & Teens Program

I feel deeply honoured to share this journey of self-discovery & self-care with you and your daughter.

Here is all the information and next steps about the program and what to expect.

If there is any question or personal concern at any time, please get in touch, it is important to keep an honest and open communication between us to make sure your daughter has a wonderful, enriching experience...

Registration Form (Mum)

In this form I will get to know you and your daughter a little bit more. It helps me to support the girls in the best possible way and plan our sessions in alignment to what they really need before we even start.

Please take some mindful time to complete this form, know that all information will be handled with care and will be kept strictly confidential.

Please fill out this form on or before Friday 4th February 2022.

Registration Form 

Intentions Form (Daughter)

This form is for your daughter to reflect on her own intentions to be part of the program. Her answers will help me understand her perspective and current challenges.

Please let your daughter fill out the form herself, it empowers her and give her a sense of ownership of the process. 

Please make sure her form is also submitted on or before 4th February 2022.

Intentions Form

Session Times

All sessions are at Inspiring Mind Studio, 80 Raleigh St, Essendon

Girls (Year 5-6)

Second week of the month

Tuesday 5:00-7:00 pm
There is an opportunity to open a second day if Tuesday is not suitable. Please register for the waiting list (see FAQ below)


Teens (Year 7-10)

Fourth week of the month

Tuesday 5:00-7:00 pm
There is an opportunity to open a second day if Tuesday is not suitable. Please register for the waiting list (see FAQ below.


$450 per year (installment options available)

The Whole-Hearted Girls & Teen program is an annual commitment with yourself and the other girls in your group to create a real sisterhood.

This monthly space creates a very powerful sense of connection and belonging between each other and it is also a special time for you, to take care of yourself with self-care practices and reflections.


  • 10 two-hour sessions with a monthly themed pack and experiences (workbook and tools to support your monthly practice)
  • whole-hearted journal & toolbox
  • private online studio to access your yoga, meditation and practices
  • full access to The Teen Villa
  • special guests & experiences
  • VIP discounts for special events and holidays programs


Life is better as a team

After a decade working in health and well-being, I have been blessed to collaborate with other amazing professionals in the industry.

If at any point there is a need for your daughter or you, as her parents to get further support, I have an amazing team of practitioners I can refer you to.

Get in touch

More questions?

Definitely!!! Always honour what your daughter feels, at the end it is her own journey. With my own girls, it helps me explore why they don't want to do something and simply listen, without trying to convince them. You can always suggest that she can try the first session and if she doesn't like it she doesn't need to continue, give her the choice and trust her decision. Sometimes is simply fear of the unknown. Trying a session will, for sure, help to ease that feeling.

If for any reason, your daughter can't or doesn't want to continue the program, please let me know. This is a journey to be enjoyed and not something that brings stress to your life or hers.

The idea of the Whole-Hearted Girl and Teen is that you create a monthly commitment with yourself to recharge your energy, to create deep connections with the other girls in the group, to make self-care and self-reflection a priority in your life.

If you have to miss a session due to family holidays, illness or school commitments please let me know in advance to plan accordingly. Your daughter will have access to all the online resources and you can always arrange a time with me to go through the information of the session if needed, I am always here for you.

Not at the moment. I feel the program's format & content is more valuable for pre-teen and teenagers.

I have wonderful association with other amazing teachers and mentors that have program for younger children and boys, so please get in touch and can happily refer you to the right person for you and your child.

For pre-teen and teen boys, they can be part of The Teen Villa, an online program that I have created for teens around the world and they will receive very similar tools than in The Whole-Hearted Girls program.

My daugther can't attend on Tuesday, is there any other option?

Consider this, our sessions run only once a month on a Tuesday. A lot of our girls have extra-curricular activities on a Tuesday but they are happy to advice them that once a month they will miss a training or class to attend this program. In all cases, they have been happy to invest one day a month for their mental and emotional wellbeing, noticing benefits in their other sports/activities.

I am currently taking expressions of interest for those who would like to attend but can't definitely make an exception to attend on a Tuesday once a month. Please fill out the form and mention you want to be added to the waiting list. I will do anything in my hands to make it happen or another alternative can be The Teen Villa, an online program that will give them a similar experience plus a community of friends around the world.

A little note for you...

Even if the sessions are a private space for your girls, it is definitely a journey that you will walk by her side and might even give you insights into yourself. I encourage to be curious about what she is learning, allow for some time for her to share with you and reflect on her insights after and between sessions, even embrace some of the practices together, It will be a great opportunity to bond and grow!

If you want to deepen your own journey and be the best support for your daughter, join The Whole-Hearted Mums.

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