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Welcome to your yoga practice

I am so excited to have you in class, I feel very honoured that you have chosen me to share this journey with you.
As your first-class approaches, you may like to reflect on the reasons you decided to join. Having a clear intention will help you look forward to each class and get real benefit from your practice.
Below you will find some information that might be useful to get ready for your first class.
Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns; know that I am always here for you.

 Your Safety is my Priority

In order to support you to practice safely, some of the practices need to be modified or not done at all if certain health issues are present.

Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible. All information will be handled with care and will be kept strictly confidential.

Health and Intentions Form

Get ready for your first class...

At the studio we have all equipment like mats, blankets and bolsters available for you to use. To comply with regulations, please see the question below about COVID safety (they will be constantly updated).

I thoroughly recommend bringing a water bottle to keep you hydrated during the session.

Mostly, I invite you to bring an open mind and an attitude of curiosity!

I suggest you wear comfortable workout clothes (not too loose or too tight) and bring different layers, as your body will warm up as the class progresses and cool down during relaxation (plus we all know Melbourne's weather) 

Avoid jeans, belts or excessive jewellery, they will restrict your movement and simply be a distraction for you and others.

Please avoid wearing perfume, cologne or other overpowering scents as some people might be too sensitive to them. Thank you!

To be clear and concise, yoga on a full stomach does not feel good!

I suggest you avoid eating a major meal before class. I know this is sometimes a challenge, particularly for an evening class that may fall during or after your typical dinner time. In this case, try to eat a hearty, late lunch, or simply have a light snack before class (like a piece of fruit, dried fruit, nuts, yogurt, etc.) to hold you over until after your yoga practice.

Please plan arriving 10-15 minutes before your first class. This will give you time to get settled, find the venue and parking at peace. Remove your shoes and leave them on the rack next to the studio and leave your belongings with your shoes or bring them in and place them next to your mat.

Please turn off your cell phone as soon as you arrive!

If your any reason you are running late, please let me know via SMS so I can leave a mat closer to the door and you can enter the room quietly to respect the practice of other students.

Your well being is always my priority and is important to follow the following guidelines to ensure we keep each other practicing safe and well:

  • Check in when you get to the studio using the QR code

  • Ideally bring your own mat and towel to cover your bolster and other props. Mats will be ready so you can place your own mat on top of it, this helps me mark the right space to comply with social distancing.

  • Wash or sanitise your hands before and after your class. Hand sanitisers are always provided at the door of the studio.

  • Please clean our mats after your session, even if you had yours on top.

  • Please stay home if feeling unwell.

Thank you for keeping everyone safe!

Once our class is finished, please clean the mat you used with the wipes provided, even if you brought your own mat and place it on top. This way we keep each other safe.

Remember to take all your belongings including personal mats, jumpers, water bottles, jewellery, keys, etc.

To make sure you keep the benefits of the class after you leave the room, I thoroughly recommend:

  • Give yourself some time after class before looking at your mobile phone again.  Try waiting until you get home or, from evening classes, it will be ideal to wait until the next day (I promise you and the world will survive).

  • Leave slowly

  • Drive/Walk slowly

  • Reflect and journal on any insights from your practice

  • After an evening class, eat lightly so your stomach is not full when you go to bed

  • Drink warm water or a herbal tea

  • Make the intention to sleep early that night

  • Avoid watching TV or any electronic devices that night

  • If you need to do things around the house that can’t wait for the next day, try practising meditation or deep breathing before bed