Inner Climate Challenge

In a world that needs love, YOU are the answer

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Challenge Accepted

“You do not see the world as it is. You see it as you are.”
Anais Nin

We are living in times of unprecedented challenges that touch our most sensible fibers -our health, our relationships and our freedom.

For too long we have been searching for answers to our problems in the wrong places. We keep thinking that when things in the outer world improve, our challenges will disappear like magic.

I feel that the pandemic gave us a global opportunity of OWNERSHIP ...

  • It was pleading us to take responsibility for our health on every level of our being.

  • It was asking us to engage with ourselves first and then with each other with respect and devotion .

  • It was sending us a loving but clear warning that we need to take care of our home, Earth .

We make a difference through our choices, every time we choose an action that nurtures and nourishes our planet. We make a difference through our words, every time we build bridges of love and respect between each other. And above all, we make a difference through the power of our minds and the wisdom within our hearts.

The Inner Climate Challenge is a beautiful initiative from Dru Worldwide, my yoga lineage, that encourages us to bring our focused attention to our inner world.  When our individual intentions are brought together, we can create an exponential result that will positively impact our inner state and the planet’s climate.

Salutation to the Four Directions

The Salutation to the Four Directions is one of our most transformational sequences in Dru Yoga (and one of my favourite ones). 

It is a loving reminder that we are a microcosm of the macrocosm! What we think, say and do to ourselves; we do to each other, to the Earth and vice versa.

As we turn to face each of the 4 directions, we open our minds to look at life from different perspectives. It brings acceptance to all that is unfolding and at the same time, empowers us to co-create the world we want to live in.

The Salutation to the Four Directions is like a prayer for inner peace. It heals our heart and, by practising consistently, it helps to heal the Earth that we are all part of.

Challenge accepted

 As part of the challenge you will receive these resources to make these 40 days

the most empowering experience

Video (recorded)

Set your Personal Intention for the Challenge

Video (recorded)

Learn the Salutation to the Four Directions

4 Live Classes

Monday 7:30pm AEST (recordings will be available if you can't attend)

Audio Recording

Inner Peace Meditation


Qualities and Colours for each direction

Digital Journal

Create your personal pledge and commitments

Digital Form

Engage with our collective commitments to keep each other accountable

Caring for the planet

Tips and ideas to reduce your personal carbon footprint.

Reduce your Personal Carbon Footprint

The great news is that by proactively taking care of our inner state and combining our individual efforts, we will positively impact the climate of our planet!

As part of this challenge, we invite you to create a personal pledge and commitment to reduce your personal carbon footprint for the next 30 days.

While no-one can do everything, we can all do something. Simple changes in our daily lives – at home, in our shopping choices and even how we travel can make a big difference.

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