Restore your Body. Calm your Mind. Nourish your Soul

Ready to experience doTERRA yourself?

        It is time for me to make some changes... I choose to be in control of my physical health, my emotional wellbeing and, as a result, of my life…

        If this intention is making you feel equally uncomfortable and excited, is the perfect timing to bring doTERRA into your life.

        The doTERRA journey begins by getting a Starter Pack with some basic oils that will be the foundation to:

        • Prevent and manage common health concerns naturally

        • Manage stress and your mood more effectively

        • Be prepared for unexpected emergencies

        • Create a low tox environment at home

        • Nourish yourself from the inside out

        It fascinates me to see what unfolds after you open your first box of essential oils. Apart from your oils, know that I will be there to guide you and provide the tools you need to make your experience with doTERRA a journey of empowerment through constant education.

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        Get started with your oils  

        Your Starter Pack will give you access to a Wholesale Membership so you can get everything with 25% off for a whole year (value $35) plus you will also receive:

        • A welcome kit from me and my team with clear and practical tips on how to use your oils from the start

        • Access to our Private Essential Oils Facebook Group of essential oils lovers

        • Weekly 15-min online classes on different topics to make the most of your oils

        • Monthly Essential Living Workshops to educate yourself on all things natural, health and wellbeing

        • A private or group session (face to face if you are in Melbourne or online) to create your personalised daily routine with your oils and learn how to make the most of your wholesale account to save up to 55% on your purchases. 

        My unconditional support! Regardless of where you are in the world, we can get on the phone and discuss your essential oil needs or you can send me a message or email any time.

        Do you speak Spanish? Receive the same support & resources in our language.

        Get your Starter Kit

        How to order your oils

        Order your Kit

        • Go to my  Online Shop

        • Choose “Join and Save”

        • Choose your Language and Country

        • Choose ‘Local’

        • Choose ‘Wholesale’

        • Enter your personal information.

        • At enroller ID, click  verify  to make sure my number  1090890  and name  (Mariana Suarez)  comes up. If it doesn’t please contact me before proceeding.

        • Set up a secure Password (8 characters)

        • Select your Starter Kit and any other products you want to add

        • Enter your payment details and process your order

        A warm welcome!

        We both will receive a confirmation email from doTERRA and you will receive your oils directly to your door from doTERRA in your country/region.

        I will then email you all the information you need, access to all your resources, calendar of events and workshops and the best ways to stay in touch. 

        With time you will see that doTERRA is much more than just oils. 

        In my experience, prior to having these natural tools available I wasn’t really paying attention to how I was feeling, physically and emotionally. Now that I have them at my fingertips, they are powerful anchors to check in with myself and ask, “how am I feeling?” and “what do I need?” It allows me to connect on a deeper level with myself.

        They are lovely reminders that is in the simplest of things (like a drop of oil) where we find our biggest answers. They become part of your lifestyle and turn even the most mundane activities into beautiful rituals. They also connect you with people that care about the same things that are important to you.

        You soon will notice that by consistently using your oils, your own journey will unfold and will be fascinating for you and yours.

        I can't wait to see what this journey has for you