Restore your Body. Calm your Mind. Nourish your Soul

Essential Oils for Wellness

These little bottles have changed the way I see and nurture my health.

They remind me that I am a whole and that nature always have the answers.








A true gift from Mother Nature

When these little bottles came into my life, I only wanted to make the community centre I was renting for my yoga classes smell nice & feel cozier, I never expected what would unfold after that...

Five years later, I have a completely new way to look after my body, mind, and heart. They are my primary tool to manage most of my family's health concerns in a natural and proactive way. They have given me a new perspective on how our physical health is related to our emotions & feelings so we can support our healing process accordingly.

I feel so empowered to know there is always an oil for what I need and that owning my health is the best gift I have given myself, my daughters and the people around me.

Odoo β€’ Text and Image
Odoo β€’ Image and Text

I, literally, use my oils for everything!

Just like I did, most people think essential oils are simply drops with pretty smells but in reality, they are powerful tools to enhance our lives, our health & wellbeing. I use them every single day, they are part of my daily routine, of my self-care practices, they have turned mundane activities into beautiful rituals. Here are some ways, you too, can make your life a more delicious experience:

  • Diffuse to make your home smell amazing and you and your family get the therapeutic and emotional benefits of the oils.

  • Apply a drop in your hands to release stress, come back to yourself and change the way you feel, instantly.

  • Detoxify your environment, replacing cleaning and cosmetic products with the purest essential oils.

  • Create moments of connection with yourself and your loved ones, a gentle massage with these oils are the perfect reminder of how much you care.

The doTERRA Experience

Purity + Education + Consciousness

What I enjoy the most about this natural lifestyle is the education I have received and proactively sought to make the most of my oils. I have learned so much about my body, the way my emotions and stressors affect my well-being, the importance of sleep and relaxation, how many toxins we surround ourselves with and the place informed self-care and proactive medical support has in our health.

I love knowing that I am only using the BEST I can get for my family and that every single bottle of doTERRA essential oils brings goodness to us and everyone involved in the process of creating it.

Why I have chosen doTERRA?

Goodness in every level

Every bottle of doTERRA oils have a positive impact to everyone and everything involved. From the soil and plant where it comes from, to the growers that place their heart and soul, to the scientists behind the oils, to my home and yours.

doTERRA is for everyone

I have been using doTERRA with my family and we all love to know that when something goes wrong, there is an oil for that.

Ongoing education

Offering tips, resources, one on ones and workshops (in person and online) to bring these amazing oils into your lifestyle

Living a healthy, joyful life is easy when you have the right tools

Get your oils, use your oils, love your oils