Dru Yoga

A healing yoga practice that restores your body, calms your mind and nourishes your soul.

Experience Dru



What to expect in a Dru Yoga class?


To get the most out of your yoga practice without straining yourself, it is essential to begin by warming up the body and bringing your full attention to the present moment. 

Fun, flowing mindful movement release accumulated tension and prepare your body for a safe and enjoyable practice.

Expect shaking, tapping, cross patterning, twisting, figures of 8 and, my favourite one, spinal waves (just to mention some).

Energy Block Release (EBR)

They keystone to Dru, Energy Block Release (EBR) are a carefully designed sequence of stretching, twisting, forwards, backwards and sideways bending, and squatting movements that work on every part of your body.

They dissolve areas of tight or blocked energy in a physical, mental and emotional level. They are very potent and can be practised quickly and stand on their own.

Asanas & Sequences

Here is where we explore traditional Asanas or Postures by themselves or blend in beautiful and flowing sequences.

Each posture and sequence has very specific therapeutic benefits for the body and mind.

Conscious intention takes the healing process deeper when you add affirmations and visualisations in any given posture.

Deep Relaxation

Relaxation is the natural conclusion to your yoga practice.

In Dru Yoga, relaxation sessions are given plenty of time in order to allow the energy that has been activated to settle in the right way and place, so that maximum healing takes place.

We know the body is designed to heal and repair itself given the right conditions. This time of relaxation is the perfect opportunity and will leave you feeling restored and renewed.


New to Dru?

Find all the details you need to know before your first class, I look forward to seeing you on the mat.