Teen Programs

Whole-Hearted Girls (In Studio)

The  'Whole-Hearted Girls'  is a monthly two-hour session for teen girls, to simply be, to connect with themselves and with each other. 

They will learn simple tools and practices (like yoga, mindfulness, meditation and others) to manage their emotions, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety while cultivating authentic connections and deep friendships.


The Teen Villa (Online)

The Teen Villa is an online village for pre-teens & teens around the world. 

A special place to get great tools for life and to surround yourself with inspiring mentors and other villagers that support you to make your second decade the most enjoyable, empowering experience and to build a strong foundation for the future you want to create. 

Be part of this amazing community of teens around the world.

Join The Teen Villa

Why Teens?

Because I deeply believe in you, in your infinite potential.

I know you have the power to heal our world and it excites me that our future is in hands like yours.