Why I have chosen doTERRA?
I love anything that is PURE...
6 August, 2019 by
Why I have chosen doTERRA?
Mariana Suarez

The world is fast and noisy. The news and feeds want our minds overwhelmed and our hearts well, disheartened. COVID, floods, political drama, federal elections, financial recessions, military interventions. It feels so chaotic and hopeless, isn’t it?

Our senses are the way we are used to connect with the world around us, no wonder why it’s so easy to feel that the state of the outer world creates the state of our inner world. Why we are constantly looking for external order and certainty so that we can “finally” feel it inside ourselves.

My dear mentor Peter Sage, told us in one of our mastermind sessions… “EVERYTHING is happening in the world ALL the time and there is not much you can do about it”. “What you CAN do, is to be the expert of your inner world, to be the artist that creates WITHIN YOU what you want to see, how you want to feel and the outer world will follow”

When we are not aware of the power we have to influence the experience of our own lives, we are at the expense of the world, we live by chance instead of by choice, we feel powerless.

We blame the world for our suffering and we buy into the illusion that our peace will come when this or that happens. That we will feel good when… but the WHEN never comes. It’s a constant race and, unfortunately, one that we will never win. It’s the most common human illusion and the reason why so many feel stressed and trapped.

Love at first sight

I have used essential oils for many years, even before I was introduced to doTERRA. I always loved the experience of a beautiful smell and, in many cases, the effect they had on my body. I tried many essential oils in the past, and honour the place they had in my life when I chose them.

When I first opened a bottle of a doTERRA essential oil (DigestZen), I knew this was something different, it smelled and felt pure and real, there was an instant connection. From that day, I started researching more about them and the industry and got fascinated by the world of essential oils, especially how they work in our body, mind, and emotions.

Purity is important to me

I then learned the way doTERRA sources their oils, the impact they create in the communities growing the plants, their commitment to quality and purity (CPTG) and the whole Co-Impact Sourcing Model. My heart expanded when I learned about Healing Hands and the work they do in conjunction with other organisations like Days for Girls or Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).

At this point in my life, I like choosing products that not only are good for me and my family but also that are ethically produced, create fair conditions for people to thrive and are good for the environment. The more I dived into my research, the more doTERRA ticked all the right boxes.


I can't imagine now using other essential oils, I love knowing that every time I place a drop in my hand, I have a powerful gift from mother nature that supports my body, my family and entire communities around the world and, I have chosen to share this gift with those I love and whoever is open to receive it.

Bring doTERRA into your life