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The world is fast and noisy. The news and feeds want our minds overwhelmed and our hearts well, disheartened. COVID, floods, political drama, federal elections, financial recessions, military interventions. It feels so chaotic and hopeless, isn’t it?

Our senses are the way we are used to connect with the world around us, no wonder why it’s so easy to feel that the state of the outer world creates the state of our inner world. Why we are constantly looking for external order and certainty so that we can “finally” feel it inside ourselves.

My dear mentor Peter Sage, told us in one of our mastermind sessions… “EVERYTHING is happening in the world ALL the time and there is not much you can do about it”. “What you CAN do, is to be the expert of your inner world, to be the artist that creates WITHIN YOU what you want to see, how you want to feel and the outer world will follow”

When we are not aware of the power we have to influence the experience of our own lives, we are at the expense of the world, we live by chance instead of by choice, we feel powerless.

We blame the world for our suffering and we buy into the illusion that our peace will come when this or that happens. That we will feel good when… but the WHEN never comes. It’s a constant race and, unfortunately, one that we will never win. It’s the most common human illusion and the reason why so many feel stressed and trapped.

come back home

I feel you, life is fast, things happen, change and challenges are constant. This space is to connect and love our humanity a little bit more. To remember that life is perfect with its ups and downs and that we can come back home to ourselves when we use the right tools and create the space for it.
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