Own your vibe
Thriving through a balanced exchange of energy
15 February, 2020 by
Own your vibe
Mariana Suarez

The world is fast and noisy. The news and feeds want our minds overwhelmed and our hearts well, disheartened. COVID, floods, political drama, federal elections, financial recessions, military interventions. It feels so chaotic and hopeless, isn’t it?

Our senses are the way we are used to connect with the world around us, no wonder why it’s so easy to feel that the state of the outer world creates the state of our inner world. Why we are constantly looking for external order and certainty so that we can “finally” feel it inside ourselves.

My dear mentor Peter Sage, told us in one of our mastermind sessions… “EVERYTHING is happening in the world ALL the time and there is not much you can do about it”. “What you CAN do, is to be the expert of your inner world, to be the artist that creates WITHIN YOU what you want to see, how you want to feel and the outer world will follow”

When we are not aware of the power we have to influence the experience of our own lives, we are at the expense of the world, we live by chance instead of by choice, we feel powerless.

We blame the world for our suffering and we buy into the illusion that our peace will come when this or that happens. That we will feel good when… but the WHEN never comes. It’s a constant race and, unfortunately, one that we will never win. It’s the most common human illusion and the reason why so many feel stressed and trapped.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred or transformed from one form to another...

Life is a constant exchange of energy.

It is not an esoteric topic, it is a scientific fact, and to make it easier to relate to just think about your everyday life…

When you work, you transform your effort into money to support your family. When you buy or pay for something you transform that money into a product or service that you will benefit from in some way. The food you eat has been transformed many times to get to your table so you can enjoy it. The water, the energy, the gas, the internet and all the services you use are all energy that has been transformed in a way so you can live a comfortable life and we make progress possible.

In your relationships, you are constantly exchanging energy through your words, actions and intentions.

So, would you agree that everything is energy? We are energy, the animals and plants are energy, nature itself is energy, the universe is energy, for instance we are all the same.

Energy Exchange Exercise

The Energy Exchange Exercise

The first law of thermodynamics states that “the total inflow of energy into a system must equal the total outflow of energy from the system, plus the change in the energy contained within the system”.

In plain English, this means that there must be a balance between what you give and what you receive. To thrive and help others thrive, we have to understand how this principle works in our lives.

This is an exercise I did many years ago, I read it in a book someone generously lent me and to be honest, I don’t remember which book it was to give credit to, I just remember the exercise as it was something it helped me look at my relationships in a very different way. So I searched for it on the internet and now I know it is called the Law of Equal Energy Exchange or EEE.

The exercise is very simple, yet amazingly powerful and I am sure, if you take the time to do it and you are honest with yourself, your relationships and your life, in general, will be much much positive. So let’s start:

  • Take a piece of paper and a pen.
  • Make a line in the middle of the paper and write the headings GIVES ME ENERGY in one side and TAKES MY ENERGY in the other.
  • Start with the things that give you energy, think about everything that uplifts you, all that makes you feel good, that makes you feel strong, that makes you feel happy, that makes you feel you can be you. Think about your relationships, places you love going to, hobbies, books, movies, food, spaces in your home that makes you feel you are at home. Expand your mind to everything you can think of.
  • Now think about those things that take your energy away, those things or people that bring you down, that might disempower you, think about those things and relationships that you have to do something to make them work instead of flowing naturally. Again think about your relationships, your work, things you see in the media, spaces you spend time at, like your office, your bedroom or things you do like being too much on the computer or playing videogames.

Be really honest, as sometimes playing videogames or being on social media might seem like things that feel good, but think about beyond the moment when you are doing it, think about the before, during and after.

You will realise that the list is so big and might be surprised at the things that you discover. Please, please don’t judge your list. Don’t feel bad if you see one of your best friends on the list TAKES MY ENERGY, or your partner or your mum. Stop judging things as good or bad, just let them be.

Now, that you know what gives you energy and what takes your energy away, you can actually do something about it! 

  • If you know that your office is a space that takes energy away from you, make changes to it, paint it in a different colour, add light, use external things like aromatherapy, plants, crystals or things that make you feel good. If it is too bad you might consider changing your office or working some time of the day outdoors. With awareness, you can act upon.
  • In terms of your relationships, it doesn’t mean that you have to cut off those relationships that take your energy away. If it is a harming relationship, you might consider it for your own health and well-being but if it is, you know, the auntie that is a little bit annoying or a friend that is a beautiful person, but is someone who complains a lot, you can take other options to manage these type of relationships or situations.
  • For example, if you know you have a meeting with someone at work that takes your energy away, do something that uplifts you before the meeting. Go and have a little walk out to the park in front of your office, watch an inspirational video on TED before the meeting or something that makes you laugh (laugh is always a great uplifter). This way you will have extra reserves of energy when you get to the meeting and if that person takes some of it away, you will still be in positive numbers.

Own your vibe!

Owning your vibe means taking full responsibility for how you want to feel, what experiences you want to create, what and who you give your energy to and the way that you choose to see every situation

Bring more of what makes you feel awesome, like nature, exercise, practising yoga, meditation, relaxation, real food, pure water, plants, pets, joyful people, music, nurturing reading.

Cut out or reduce your exposure to whatever drains you, like the news (I thoroughly recommend you not to watch the news, they are too negative! (or at least choose the media from which you want to be informed), junk food, addictions, being too long on the computer or electronic devices, people that complain too much, people that criticise you or others, violent reading or TV shows.

Make owning your vibe a priority in your life, be the kind of person you would like to spend your time with. Cultivate your energy. Remember this...

Your vibe speaks louder than your words!

Own your vibe