Our most important decision is not whether we get the vaccine or not
29 September, 2021 by
Our most important decision is not whether we get the vaccine or not
Mariana Suarez

The world is fast and noisy. The news and feeds want our minds overwhelmed and our hearts well, disheartened. COVID, floods, political drama, federal elections, financial recessions, military interventions. It feels so chaotic and hopeless, isn’t it?

Our senses are the way we are used to connect with the world around us, no wonder why it’s so easy to feel that the state of the outer world creates the state of our inner world. Why we are constantly looking for external order and certainty so that we can “finally” feel it inside ourselves.

My dear mentor Peter Sage, told us in one of our mastermind sessions… “EVERYTHING is happening in the world ALL the time and there is not much you can do about it”. “What you CAN do, is to be the expert of your inner world, to be the artist that creates WITHIN YOU what you want to see, how you want to feel and the outer world will follow”

When we are not aware of the power we have to influence the experience of our own lives, we are at the expense of the world, we live by chance instead of by choice, we feel powerless.

We blame the world for our suffering and we buy into the illusion that our peace will come when this or that happens. That we will feel good when… but the WHEN never comes. It’s a constant race and, unfortunately, one that we will never win. It’s the most common human illusion and the reason why so many feel stressed and trapped.

What a couple of weeks we have had in Melbourne! They feel really shaky and not only because of the unexpected earthquake.

Just by seeing the images and videos in different parts of the city, is like I am watching a movie or news from a different place in the world, it doesn’t feel like the Melbourne I know and love.

I have to confess that writing this blog post makes me a bit uncomfortable. I prefer to stay away from anything that might bring conflict, I rather stay in my comfy inner world, through my yoga practice and in my personal space. But this time I felt a strong calling to share it, it almost feels like I need to scream this message that is relevant to all of us. So here I am...

A slap on the face

On Saturday 21st, my husband went to the city to be part of the Freedom Rally. After many conversations we felt it was important to be there, at least one of us, so he went along with some dear friends to represent our family.

I am so grateful that he did, otherwise I would’ve stayed with that one sided version that the media gives us or I would’ve thought that what was posted from the protest side in social media was exaggerated. When he came home and shared with me some of the stories first-hand, I was so sad, truly heart-broken.

On a fresh note though, it was really lovely to know that, in the crowd, there were vaccinated and unvaccinated standing up together for the same reasons.

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated

I don’t know you, but it feels really weird that we are using this kind of language. It sounds like the recent Grand Final or the boxing fight about to come.

If our language creates our reality, we must be mindful of the words we use and the new ones we adopt. We must be careful of the labels we choose to wear and the ones we give others, remembering that the more labels we bring to the scene, the more separation we potentially create.

I know we are all over this, that lock-downs are not fun, that we all want to go on with our lives. But we have to focus our attention in the bigger picture, so I invite you to do a little exercise...

Perception is everything

Have a look at the road map  and every time you see the word Fully Vaccinated or Unvaccinated, I invite you to replace it with a specific culture, gender or faith. Once you do them all, please read it out loud.

I am sure once you hear those statements in your own voice, you will notice how obsolete sounds and how is not the reality you and I want.

I know it because last year we were marching the streets of the world because All Lives Matter, I know it because I see rainbows all around us reminding us that Love is Love. I know none of us want our kids growing up in a culture where any kind of discrimination or segregation is not only accepted but the norm.

I am sure that if the announcement was that someone from a specific culture, gender or faith will not be able to participate in this economy, we would’ve jumped out of our seats and taken the streets because we know this is not the world we want.

"We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” 

Chief Seattle

Our kids are watching

I love this quote  because it gives me a sense of reverence and accountability towards our new generations.

I work with teenagers and I love my work. They always give me a more beautiful perspective of things, they are wise and aware.

I hope you realise our kids and teens are watching everything that is happening right now, they are paying attention to our words and actions, more than ever before.

I share your concerns about their mental & emotional well being, so if we think homeschooling and lock downs have had an impact on them, imagine how will a divided community feel?

As caring adults, we have a responsibility about the world we will eventually hand them over and I want to look into my girls eyes with peace in my heart and say “here it is, I am leaving your treasure much better than I found it

Dear Melbourne,

I always saw you as pretty Utopian. I always shared proudly that I live in one of the most wonderful cities in the world. Since the first time I came to visit I fell in love with you and that is why we chose you as our home.

Yes, you have beautiful buildings, stunning parks and awesome events. You have the best coffee, restaurants and overall, a very cool vibe. But what I really fell in love with was your people.

I loved the kindness, the genuine care for each other, the authenticity and quirkiness. I loved the curiosity and excitement to meet someone different. I was always in awe on how much you valued the simple and important things in life. I loved that I always felt safe, free and happy to be myself in your presence.

Where have you been lately? I miss you...

What decision will you make?

So, I hope that you agree that the most important decision we will make is not whether we get the vaccine or not. Instead, let's use our energy and time to redefine the kind of city/country/world we want to live in and we want our kids to live in, and their children and their children.

I am very clear in my decision, I want a much better version than the one we have enjoyed so far. I want to co-create something amazing with you. So, as a gift to our young ones, I trust we will all choose peace, we will all choose love, we will all choose each other.

I am all in, are you?

Before you wonder...

No, we are not against vaccines.

Both of our girls were vaccinated when they were little, we value & honour medicine and science (I actually worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years). We never take for granted living in a time and in a country where we can access the quality of medical care we receive here, and we also acknowledge the incredible resilience of our body and its miraculous capacity to heal.

No, we don’t think there is an evil force behind this.

We are actually big believers of the kindness and benevolence in human nature. We know that life always happens for us and I, personally, choose to see the beauty in life and everyone I meet.

Yes, we know the virus is real.

We know it first hand because we can count at least 30 of our closest relatives and friends that have had it, including my mum, my brother and brother in law back home in Mexico.

No, we are not selfish.

We take our health and wellbeing really seriously, we are very proactive with it because we believe that by taking care of ourselves first, we take care of each other. So, we make choices that are good for our health and wellbeing in every layer of our being. We both have run our businesses for more than a decade and we proactively look for ways to contribute to our community. Because we care.

Yes, we are lovely, loving people... 

I am genuinely happy for anyone who have had their vaccination, I love that you had the choice that felt right for you and yours. I trust you see that we would like to have the option we want for our family too. As my one of my dear mentors said, when we both honour our inner peace, there is nothing to prove, nothing to defend, nothing to conquer. It is much more than you & me, it is US.