Hi! I'm Mariana

Dru Yogi

I couldn't touch my toes and felt very inadequate in many yoga classes until I found Dru (or Dru found me!).

Teen Mentor

I love working with teenage humans.
They are deep, real and creative. I feel so much hope that the world is in their hands.


I believe life is better in community. I love gathering people together. And not any people; beautiful, courageous humans that are willing to dive deeply to the innermost part of their soul. 

Curious Seeker

Constant evolution is one of my biggest values, I love learning new things from a variety of mentors that keep me expanding into my highest potential.

I really appreciate you for being here, wondering through my website. I trust you got here for a wonderful reason and hope in these pages, and in any interaction we have, you find some value that leaves you with a big smile.

I have been sharing my passion and love for Dru Yoga with people of all ages in my weekly classes and wellbeing workshops for a decade. After finishing my 300 hours Dru Yoga Teacher Training in 2012, I am always eager to expand my yoga knowledge and, since, I have finished a Dru Kids and Teens Teacher Training, a Dru Yoga Postgraduate Mastery Course and many yoga courses in the way.

I give high priority to my personal practice and inner growth, so you will always see me engaged with the latest mentoring programs, reading inspiring books and learning from amazing people that keep me raising my standards.

I teach Dru Yoga in group classes and have recently launched Align Virtual Studio, a space for you to retreat from the noise and distractions of the world to come back to your soul while connecting with other whole-hearted humans.

A few years ago I was invited to share the gift of yoga and mindfulness with the inmates at the Melbourne Youth Justice Centre, and that experience awakened my calling to work with our youth. I am the mind and heart behind The Whole-Hearted Girl Program as well as The Teen Villa, an online community of teenagers around the world.

I have done yoga with kids in child cares, kindergartens, primary schools and high schools, as well as volunteering some of my time to support the 1-of-a-Kind Program for girls.

I am originally from Mexico and moved to Melbourne with my husband Alex in 2005 leaving life as we knew it. Now we share our lives with two precious daughters (Isabella and Ivana) that bring joy and purpose to my life, they constantly push my buttons to make me aware of those areas I need to heal and work in myself. They inspire me to show up to the world in my highest version.

I look forward to meeting you soon and hear your story too.

With love and gratitude,