Dru Yoga & Essential Oils

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes.
Including YOU.



















Dru Yoga Classes

Dru Yoga is a graceful and powerful form of yoga using gentle, soft flowing movements, focused breathing and visualisation techniques. Perfect for everyone, regardless of skills, fitness or age.

Due to COVID-19, all Dru Yoga classes will be held online until June 22.  Explore on-demand and LIVE classes to keep your Dru Yoga practice in the comfort of your own home. New classes added every week and now also in Spanish!

Teens Sessions (The Whole-Hearted Teens & Girls)

The 'Whole-Hearted Teen' is a monthly two-hour session for tween & teen girls, to simply be, to connect with themselves and with each other. 

They will learn simple tools and practices (like yoga, mindfulness, meditation and others) to manage their emotions, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety while cultivating authentic connections and deep friendships.

Essential Oils Workshops & Lifestyle

Learn how to incorporate essential oils as a natural alternative for better health and emotional wellbeing. From introductory classes and one on one sessions to a wide variety of workshops on how to use essential oils in every area of your life.