It's time to reconnect

with yourself, with life and with each other

"Taking care of our Inner State is the only responsibility we have.
Because when we do, all the right things happen naturally"

Dru Yoga

More than just a yoga practice, Dru Yoga is a profound healing experience that brings your body, mind, heart and soul to its natural state of harmony.

We use gentle, soft flowing movements, focused breathing and visualisation techniques. Dru Yoga is perfect for everyone, regardless of skills, fitness or age.

You can enjoy your Dru practice with beautiful views of nature in one of my private classes or delight your being with Align, an online immersion to a consistent Dru Yoga practice that nourishes the most important place, your Inner World.



To say that our teens need a totally different toolset and approach in life than previous generations is a big understatement.

What if instead of pushing them to strive for happiness and success on the outside, we teach them to care and nourish themselves from the inside first?

That’s the work I adore doing with our teens. I create inner circles for them to connect, to learn about themselves and from each other.

I give them new options to step into the bigness of life proud of who they are, ready for every experience and excited to co-create the world they want to live in.