Experience Dru Yoga at any age...

I get asked a lot of the time what style of yoga do I practice and frequently, after answering Dru Yoga, I see the question mark in people's expression.

You can find here more about the technicalities of Dru Yoga, but I would rather tell you why I have chosen Dru as my own practice and why I love sharing it in my classes. I tried many styles before I found Dru, and honour them all,  but I have never seen back. Is just perfect for me.

What I love about Dru is the contrast of gentleness in the form and the strength you feel in body, mind and spirit at the end of your practice. I like that is real, that is not about doing or striving but about being, feeling and staying present. I love that you can be any age, any fitness level, that is inclusive and whole. I love that you can practice it even if you can't touch your toes. I love how amazing it is for the spine and effective to unlock stagnant energy, thoughts physical pain and discomfort. I love how clear your mind becomes and how is so simple you can do it anywhere, anytime.

If you ever wanted to try yoga and felt it wasn't for you, if you have felt inadequate in a yoga class or intimidated by the things you see on the media about yoga, I invite you to try Dru.

Classes and Programs

Dru Yoga Classes
in studio

Dru Yoga is a graceful and powerful form of yoga using gentle, soft flowing movements, focused breathing and visualisation techniques.

Perfect for everyone, regardless of skills, fitness or age. 

Practice Dru in our lovely studio in Essendon.

Discover Dru

Whole-Hearted Teens
in studio program for girls

The 'Whole-Hearted Teen' is a monthly two-hour session for pre-teen and teen girls to connect with themselves & with each other. Learn simple tools and practices (like yoga, mindfulness, meditation) that help them manage their emotions, reduce feelings of stress while cultivating authentic connections & deep friendships.

The Teen Villa
online program for teens

The Teen Villa is an online village for pre-teens and teens (boys and girls) that will give them tools to make it the most enjoyable, empowering experience and a strong foundation for the future they want to create. Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and amazing mentors that will inspire them to what is possible.

Essential Oils
get the purest oils on earth

Learn how to incorporate essential oils as a natural alternative for better health and emotional well being.

From introductory classes and one on one sessions to a wide variety of workshops on how to use essential oils in every area of your life.

Online Courses

Inner Climate Challenge

The Inner Climate Challenge is a beautiful initiative from Dru Worldwide, my yoga lineage, that encourages us to bring our focused attention to our Inner World.

When we as individuals nurture our inner state, we can create an exponential result that will positively impact our human connection and potentially heal our planet's climate.

30 days practising the transformational Dru Yoga sequence, Salutation to the Four Directions, will leave you feeling more at peace within yourself, with your life and empowered to make a difference.


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